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Download Name Description
A piece in 7/8 An unusual Time Signature
Fight Theme Fight Theme from "Elite Hunters"
Enigmaesque Background music from Abuzzle
NFS Tribute Tribute to the music from Need for Speed 2
Ninja for NES NES-style Ninja-Theme
Ooh Vocal Peaceful/Mournful Vocal piece
Peace Put you sleep, I will!
Easy on the Cut Experimental Guitar and Drum piece awaiting vocals
Rush Theme Exciting Battle Theme/Overture
Simple Beauty Sad Ballad awaiting lyrics
Simplicity Four part piece as proof of Simplicity
Soldat Symphony Piece made up entirely of SFX ripped from the game Soldat
Stage Wonder Wonderful concert piece
Starfight Version 3 Theme from epic missile-dodging game, Starfighter3
Tired A capella piece outlining the downfall of vigorous work
Whatapiece Not sure what this is, but it is there.
Waltz Jovial circus waltz
Western Theme Theme from a Spaghetti Western
WoW: Thief's Tale The tale of a thief made entirely of sounds from World of Warcraft